IBM Be Equal logo + Black Design: Past, Present, Future logo
IBM Be Equal logo + Black Design: Past, Present, Future logo

IBM is thrilled to announce a new partnership with Texas State University Communication Design program to offer an exciting two-day virtual conference: Black Design: Past, Present, and Future. The April event will bring together aspiring designers, academic and industry professionals for select networking opportunities, career development workshops, and important panel discussions with leaders in the field.

What is Black Design: Past, Present, and Future?

On April 9–10, 2021, this two-day virtual conference will provide networking, development, and career opportunities for young designers, with a focus on student designers of color. …

Bootcamp welcome at IBM Studios Austin

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit the United States in 2020, designers in the IBM Austin Studios went remote to continue our work-life like everyone else in the world. We have been pushing through, begrudgingly, with virtual meetings and figuring out how to mentally and physically cope with the lack of face-to-face contact. We have been missing the casual hallway conversations, peaking into team workspaces, greeting new IBMers and guests wandering around for a dose of something different. We were planning, thinking, wishing to return to the studio we were so fond of in the back of our heads.

After almost…

Design Leadership: Maintaining a Sustainable Culture of Design at IBM

In September the Talent Team held its first session for Bootcamp for New Design Leaders. The week long session pulled together experts from around IBM and design leaders in the external community to speak to participants about awareness of themselves and their role, to communicate effectively to their immediate team and align with other partners and understand how to deliver great outcomes to their users and the market.

Awareness 🙇🏽
Designers taking on lead responsibilities need to have a better understanding of themselves, their role and their team. …

I recently gave a talk at the xChange Austin workshop to talk about how IBM is using design thinking to change the way we work. This is a huge initiative for this 100+ year-old corporation to undertake, but there are some things that you as a leader in your company can do to quickly adopt this framework into your product, team and organization.

Radical Collaboration:
We need to break down silos and have constructive conversations with all team members and all disciplines that contribute to a project’s success. Practicing design thinking helps create a framework to have those conversations be more…

Oen Michael Hammonds

Designer | Educator | Mentor

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